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Lenora's Healthy Hair Clinic & Spa is a hair salon in Cleveland Heights, OH that offers professional services at affordable rates. Here, you will receive the care and attention that you deserve. We offer various treatments for your hair, nails, and skin that you are sure to enjoy. The perfect hair therapy we provide includes various modern methods that allow us to offer you and exceptional service that guarantees amazing results. Do not hesitate, and visit us for a professional service that will exceed your expectations!

Visit the most professional hair salon and spa in Cleveland Heights for your herbal prescriptive conditioning. We are now offering herbal scalp treatments to stimulate hair growth.

There’s a brand new Cleveland Heights beauty salon which is unlike your typical spa. When you walk into Lenora’s Healthy Hair Clinic on Taylor Road near Cedar you won’t enter the typical salon environment. Lenora’s is a “teaching salon”. They have an aggressive apprentice training program, the staff attends advanced training classes together, staff will openly suggest other salon stylists to clients if they feel a co-worker will do a superior job of a particular service and finally, stylists assist each other and learn from each other with many services so clients feel like virtually anybody in Lenora’s can successfully do their hair.

The reason Lenora’s Healthy Hair Clinic has achieved this enviable harmony is because, the owner, Lenora Cruz-Price is licensed by the state of Ohio to be a cosmetology instructors in any Ohio beauty school and she is passionate about the chemistry of hair and the art of educating and being educated. In fact, Lenora is continuously participating in advance training, has also been in charge of the cosmetology program at Remington College and taught at the Heights School of Cosmetology and other academic settings. This level of education and experience on the part of management is very unusual. And to make an even stronger point, Lenora and the team values intellectually challenging education tremendously. Lenora has her B.A. in Educations and a minor in Psychology (Notre Dame College) M.B.A. (Indiana Weslyan) and Natasha has her degree in Cosmetology from Remington College and an appreciation for education has filtered to the entire staff as well.

This appreciation for education and advanced hair knowledge isn’t the only unusual jewel in this crown. Lenora’s is a multi-cultural salon. Multi-cultural beauty environments are the newest trend in hair salons and may we say, “it’s about time”. As far as America has come on issues of race relations, the fact that so many salons are still either “white” or ‘black’ is a sad commentary. Lenora’s staff is racially mixed so any man or woman who walks in can feel comfortable and know they’ll be successfully serviced. Lenora’s is also a more serene and spiritual environment than many salons. Most of the staff attend either synagogue or church regularly and this grounding in conjunction with the aforementioned education make this spa a noticeably peaceful environment.

Lenora’s previous salon was recognized by Essence Magazine as one of the 100 best salons in the world. In the new location, we’re sure that it won’t be too long before additional accolades come her way.

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